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Passion Fox Innovations is a company

          which has an ability to think beyond .
   It’s about Innovations and creations of new ideas

     of doing business and growing business .The
  world market is very very large and how easily we
       can reach and capture it with the help of
    technology and latest available systems is what                                       Nirav Mehta

            we provide to all our customers .                                                Director
   A new fresh team with a great  Vision to grow the                        PassionFox Innovations Pvt Ltd

   company is it’s real ASSSET .In the current global
   situation with all challenges the team has done a
   wonderful job of CREATING CONSTRUSTING , &

    CIRCULATING this First ever E-Magazine in the
     jewellery industry. I wish my team all the very
                  BIG THANK YOU
     best and  a.
  without them this was never possible ..

                                                                                       Lauching Soon !!

                                                                                            IBJA TIMES

                                                                               Mines to Market jewellery

                                                                                    industry E- Magazine
     PASSION                                                                         COIMBATORE WORLD

                                                                                   Jewellers B2B E-guide
                                      Grow                                        It’s a journey which has just

                                                                                 begun and am sure we have as
                                     Learn                                          long way to go and grow .

                                                                                With blessings of all mighty and
                                        Earn                                    good wishes of all known people
                                                                                    I Nirav Mehta director of
                                                                                Passionfox would request you to
                              Succeed                                              Enjoy our new way of doing

                                                                                       business marketing .

      I B J A   T I M E S   b y   P a s s i o n F o x
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