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     President - Marketing

     G G C     G u j r a t   G o l d   C e n t r e   P r i v a t e   L i m i t e d

      Gold is a way of going long on fear.  Investors’ fear levels are particularly high right now, as the
      coronavirus pandemic turned a global health crisis into an economic one. And it’s uncertain when
      the world will recover from either of these crises.
      It is in such times of uncertainty that gold is touted as a “safe haven” for those looking for shelter
      from more traditionally volatile investments, like stocks.
      “Compared to an investment in stocks, where even the biggest blue chip companies can (and have)
      failed, an investment in gold often seems less risky, and time and again proved by the returns
      offered on gold & silver.
      Gold & Silver is the only instrument where there is never an entry level, which means right now is
      time to invest, tomorrow is the time to invest and whenever you think is the time to invest. It is your
      valuable returns along with cultivating a saving habit for your secure future.
      GGC Gujarat Gold Centre is always striving hard to provide you the perfect quality and quantity at
      the most competitive rate.
      One of the empanelled refinery with in NSE Commodity Exchange which is within the perspective
      of Indian gold standard. We commit to our valued customers that this is just a beginning, company
      will keep growing and match with the world’s best refiner practice of the globe.

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