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We at IBJA  & PassionFox
                                                                                           had great time to putting this
                                                                                            e-magazine together for you

                                                                                             all and with each issue we
                                                                                              promise to deliver more

                                                                                             Shikha Barasia
                                                                                               Event Head
                                                                                               IBJA TIMES

   Smita Dubey
   Editior in Chief / Marketing Head

                             ith the pandemic prevailing
                             ith more than 4 Months now                Sheryl Lasrado
                              navigating business in this         Operations & Cordination
                                uncertainty is something                 IBJA TIMES
            we all need to contemplate. In the time of Crisis
             our industry requires an approach to redefine
                            and reset their Business Plan.
               This New Avatar of IBJA TIMES by
            PassionFox Issue No. e-001 | Aug | 2020
                Will help you to find your New Normal and
                ensure  you can make transition smoothly.
        As firms reeling under both a Worldwide Pandemic
                                                               Amala Soni
             and Financial Crunch, the economic landscape  Operations & Cordination
               cannot stop Evolving. It becomes even more      IBJA TIMES
           important for us to analyse what the coming few
         months may have stored for Our Business. It's time
              to Prioritise our Resources and Reinvent our
        Business Models and Adapt the New Technology to
        Market our Business through DigitalPlatform.This
           Issue covers various topics like “Future of Gold “,
           “Gold Returns Since 1975”, “Grow Silver Exports                                             Jai Shah
          or “Comparisons on Different Gold Products’ and                                         Technology Head
          much more with                    Brands Advertising from
                Gems & Jewelry Industry.

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